Market Consulting

For a fast and successful market entry in Iran, German companies need reliable information and competent local support.

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The various services of the AHK Iran contains all necessary elements to accompany your company in the successful market entry. From the market study and the analysis of potential target groups over the search for suitable business partners up to the preparation of a complete market study the AHK Iran is at your side in all matters concerning market development in Iran.

Our market consulting services

I. Market analyses

The first step for well-organized market entry is to know what to expect. We support your project with information and market analyses in various formats.

Customs information & import regulations

On the basis of the customs tariff numbers you specify, we determine the customs and tax rates for you that apply when importing your product into Iran. We will also be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding import regulations for the Iranian market. Also for this, we may need the corresponding customs tariff numbers from you.

External trade statistics

Foreign trade statistics are one of the most important facts for enterprises to determine their opportunities in a new market. We are happy to collect import and export statistics for you, sorted by industry and customs number. The statistics usually contain a period, price (currency), weight and quantity. However, we assume no liability for the accuracy of the data, as we obtain the information from external sources such as destatis and eurostat.

Quick Market Check

We create a clear analysis of your target market so that you can get an idea of the current situation in your industry. We identify your target groups and give you an overview of the most important competitors in the Iranian market. A customs information per HS code, as well as relevant trade statistics (according to availability), are also part of our short report for you.

Market Study & Expert Interview

With a little more time, we will prepare a comprehensive market study for you, tailored to your wishes and requirements. For this purpose, please first provide us with all the documents or information you consider useful for us regarding your project in Iran. These are considering as orientation for our analysis. We regularly deal with the following points:


  • General market information
  • Economic perspective
  • Sales and market volume
  • Growth opportunities
  • Foreign trade
  • Competitive situation / Competitive products
  • Important trade fairs
  • Summary / Assessing market entry opportunities


Our market study is usually rounded off by an expert interview. In doing so, we interview a suitable interviewee from the industry relevant to you (company, association or authority) and focus on the most important points for you. We coordinate the decision on the respective expert and the core questions with you in advance. A short report with the most important statements of the discussion will be included in the market study.

II. Address searches

According to your specifications, we research in external and internal company databases, use existing contacts in your industry and sift through company information from trade associations, relevant magazines and trade fairs.

Simple address research

We will provide a shortlist of few possible business partners for you once only. Included are a company name, address, telephone and fax number as well as e-mail address. This service is free of charge for you. Should you require further contacts or their verification, we recommend a qualified address search as described in the next point.

Qualified address research

In the case of qualified address research, we provide a contact list of up to 20 potential business partners, depending on the sector, establish personal contact and verify or update all contact details. You will then receive all the relevant information at a glance:

  • Company's name
  • Address
  • Telephone and fax number
  • E-mail address and homepage
  • Concrete contact person for direct contact
  • Main activities in the market

III. Business partner mediation

The AHK Iran supports your company with an individual business partner mediation. We look for potential partners for you and transmit their data to you. In doing so, we rely on an excellent network and our many years of experience in the local entrepreneurial landscape in order to create the necessary basis for a successful market entry in Iran. Our business partner mediation consists of the following services:

Individual business partner search


We contact potential business partners for you, find the right contact persons or decision-makers in the company and determine to what extent there is a fundamental interest in cooperation. As a rule, the contact list previously determined by us using qualified address research serves as a starting point. Of course, you can also provide us with contacts you have researched yourself. On the basis of the information received from you and in close consultation with you, we formulate a cover letter including a meaningful company profile of your company in Persian. Subsequently, all interview candidates will be approached several times according to the "Call-Mail-Call" method:

Call 1: Direct telephone contact


  • Identification of the right contact person/decision maker
  • Examination of the exact business activities and products
  • Determining to what extent there is an interest in cooperation
  • In case of positive response, an announcement of written contact


Call 2: Telephone follow-up

  • Evaluation of the real interest in the bid
  • Request for further information if necessary
  • Identification of the basis for a possible meeting



We arrange direct discussions with business partners of interest to you and support you personally in your negotiations. For this purpose, we organize a visit on site for you, during which you get to know the decision makers of the potential partner companies and can agree on the next steps. A bilingual employee of the AHK Iran will be exclusively at your side for two days during the matchmaking mission (longer assignments will be invoiced at an additional day flat rate). Depending on your wishes, the support may include:

  • Briefing on relevant topics in advance
  • Facts folder with program planning and detailed information about your conversation partners in preparation for each individual conversation
  • Moderation/ communicative support of your conversations
  • Personal accompaniment to company visits
  • Advice on decision making