Legal Consultancy

In cooperation with legal consulting firms, we provide support in legal matters concerning your company.


The AHK Iran provides you with up-to-date information immediately and reliably and establishes contact to competent contact persons (e.g. national lawyers).

AHK Iran offers

  • Intermediation
  • MLA Legitimation
  • Company Information
  • Company registration


With the help of business intermediations, the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports internationally active companies in settling their disputes with business partners and customers out of court. Intermediation is characterised by the fact that the conflict parties voluntarily try to find an amicable solution to the conflict with the support of an impartial third party (mediator). The German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry contacts the opposing party in order to persuade them to participate in the proceedings, thus enabling a quick clarification with lower costs and preservation of the business relationship compared to court proceedings. Our advantage lies in our local presence and the elimination of language barriers. Misunderstandings based on different business views or trade customs can be easily cleared up and lasting disruptions of business relationships avoided in this way.


MLA Legitimation

If you are a private individual or an authorized representative of a company abroad and would like to open an account with a bank in Germany, you can contact the local chambers of commerce abroad to establish your identity. If you live in Iran, you can contact the AHK Iran for identity verification.

We take over the identity verification according to MLA (MLA-Ident) for you:

  • MLA identification of your person/company and legitimation of the authorised representative within the framework of a personal appointment.
  • Transmission of the documents and dispatch of copies of the required documents (identification documents) to the bank in Germany

Documents required for an application:

Natural person

  • Identity verification form issued by the credit institution with which an account is to be opened.
  • Valid passport.
  • Iranian residence certificate, if not available: Water, gas or electricity bill of the latest months.

Legal entities

  • Identity verification form issued by the credit institution with which an account is to be opened.
  • Iranian Company Register Entry (incl. the latest changes).
  • Valid passport and Iranian national card of at least one authorized representative of the company and power of attorney of others.
  • Iranian certificate of domicile of the authorized representative of the company, if not available: In the event that there are several authorised representatives within the company, all authorised representatives (up to five persons) require a passport, residence certificate and extract from the family register.





Company Information

When cooperating with their trading partners in general and with domestic companies in particular in the longer term, it is advisable to gain an early impression of the reputation and repute of the envisaged business partner. However, it is not worth it for every company to spend the time and above all the budget on a thorough legal due diligence before the first engagement (a step that will be unavoidable at the latest before a planned joint venture). in this situation, we would like to support you by procuring information about your cooperation partner via various instruments. in this regard, we offer you excerpts from the commercial register and creditworthiness information.

In principle, an extract from the commercial register contains the following information:

  • Commercial register or commercial register number
  • The registered office and any branch of the undertaking
  • Date of incorporation
  • Legal form
  • Business purpose
  • Share capital
  • Partners / Limited partners / General partners
  • Managing director / Legal representative
  • Any pending liquidation or insolvency proceedings

Credit assessment of German companies

If you want to establish a business relationship with another company, you need information about the person you are dealing with. This information is used above all to ensure your own economic success in the long term. Through our credit ratings we help you to assess business partners correctly and to make safe decisions.

The following information can be retrieved by credit assessment:

  • Risk assessment in the event of non-payment
  • Method of payment and summary credit assessment including recommended credit limit
  • Balance data
  • Information on industries
  • The most important basic data, sales and employee figures as well as the name of the shareholders and their shares
  • Important company data such as company name, company status as well as address and contact data

Company registration


There are different forms of market entry for companies. This can include the establishment of a company or branch or the establishment of a joint venture. Here it depends on the choice of the company form and which requirements are placed on it.

Your advantages when founding a company with the AHK:

  • Advice during the entire founding process
  • Advice on the choice of corporate form
  • Support in negotiations and drafting of contracts (by AHK attorneys)
  • Assistance with visa and employment law issues