Service Niedersachsen

The AHK Iran, as the representative of the State of Niedersachsen, is to mediate economic and political contacts and support Niedersachsen companies in entering the Iranian market.

Niedersachsen, the second largest state of Germany is at the Centre Europe. This State has established itself as the logistics hub at the intersection of Europe's main north-south and east-west routes, and has an excellent infrastructure. The State’s GDP annual is running at around 260 billion €.

Niedersachsen’s important foreign Trade Partners are Netherlands, China, United Kingdom, Poland, France and Norway.

In terms of exports, Niedersachsen is the fourth most important exporter of Germany. The region exported in 2016 the equivalent of €88.3b which represents 8.8% of the total exports in Germany (Statistisches Bundesamt, 2018). It is ranked behind Baden-Württemberg (€201b representing 19.9%), Bavaria (€191b representing 19.0%) and North Rhine-Westphalia (€191b representing 19.0%) (Statistisches Bundesamt, 2018).

Strong Business Sectors of Niedersachsen are Energy, Maritime Industry, Mobility, Food Industry, Digital Enterprise and Industry 4.0, Construction Materials, Tourism and so on.

Niedersachsen was one of the first Federal States, which opened official a representative office in Tehran. The Representative of Niedersachsen is a concrete Starting Point in Tehran for the companies from Niedersachsen. Also Iranian companies could use the Representative for a direct contact to Niedersachsen. This office should help the companies from Niedersachsen, which were interested in the Iranian Markt to get the Information about Labour, Taxes and custom rules. Through it should the contact with potential business partners and government agencies be facilitated. This office can also support the Iranian companies by issues like registration of a company in Niedersachsen.