Conference on building sustainability in AHK Iran

In the context of the main topic "green economy" the conference took place on 27 August 2019 in the AHK Iran.

Nowadays, due to the strong influx into the cities, there is a great demographic pressure on urban spaces. Especially in a 15 million metropolis like Tehran, it is important to find sustainable solutions for the densification of the city and to develop alternative concepts for the urban life of the future.

With this aim the AHK invited Iran to the conference for sustainable buildings on 27.8.2019. Speakers from different sectors showed already existing approaches and possibilities for a progressive urban development. Speakers from Austria and Germany were present via live video transmission. Also present were actors from the construction and construction industries as well as important government officials and urban planners. A constructive atmosphere was created by the participation of more than 60 people.

Hossein Sarafraz, deputy managing director of AHK Iran, opened the event as host with a lecture on the relevance of "green" economy. He showed their current state of development and discussed the focus of the conference on "green" buildings. The contributions highlighted various aspects of a sustainable city. The Managing Director of TÜV Nord Iran, Dr. Kamran Rezaei, gave an outlook on the buildings of the future. In addition, Wolfgang Neumann, Managing Director of the Energy Globe Foundation, pointed out ways to a future-oriented energy supply. The chairman of the Green Management Association Iran, Mohammad Hassan Emami, informed afterwards about the characteristics of a "green" real estate economy. Furthermore, Dr. Adolf Daniel Merl, lecturer of the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate Management, presented indicators for sustainable construction. He presented the so-called DGNB Standard, a ranking for sustainable construction. Dr. Adolf Daniel Merl, in his further function as Managing Director of Daxner & Merl GmbH, presented life cycle analysis and the EPD tool. These tools make it possible to check economic processes and products for ecological risks. LCA specialist Dr. Helmut Berger gave concrete explanations on the energy management of buildings. LEED expert Hamid Nasseri informed about the standards to be observed for "green" buildings and smart cities.

The topics addressed were then discussed in detail. The conference offered space for networking between industry players and experts and was very well received by the participants. Through conferences like these, modern sustainable solutions can be found that pave the way for the buildings of the future in Iran.