Iranians are interested in the GDPR

The first event in the series "AHK44 Business Lounge" took place on 19 August 2019 in the AHK Iran. Data protection in the EU and why Iranian companies should know about it were discussed.

About 50 Iranian companies took part in the opening event and were welcomed by Dagmar von Bohnstein, Managing Director of AHK Iran. She explained the new format in which European topics and their relevance for the Iranian market are to be discussed every two months.

Nasanin Bahmani, managing director of bc digital and member of the board of directors of AHK Iran, gave the keynote lecture on the subject of the basic data protection regulation. The subsequent panel discussion with Mitra Mobayen, Managing Director Tala Tea, Fatemeh Masoudian, Head of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department at TÜV Nord Iran and Nasanin Bahmani deepened the topic from an Iranian perspective. In his presentation, Hossein Sarafraz, deputy managing director of AHK Iran, pointed out the explosive nature of the topic in Europe and the seriousness with which the EU Commission pursues compliance with the GDPR regulations. According to him, the lack of protection of personal data on the European market is quickly a reason for customers to lose confidence in companies. According to a survey by the Sinus Institute, 93 percent of companies consider German data protection to be important, but only 18 percent trust companies to protect their personal data.

The concluding discussion with the audience provided a series of questions and answers from practice, not least from start-up representatives.