Iranian exports to Europe down 94 percent

Trade between Iran and the EU amounted to 2,058 million euros. in the first five months of 2019

The European-Iranian trade volume from January to May of the current year fell by 76 percent compared to the previous year to EUR 2,058 million. In the same period of the previous year it amounted to 8,689 million euros.

During this period, European exports to Iran amounted to 1,748 million euros, a decrease of 54 percent.

Iranian exports to Europe fell by 94 percent to 310 million euros.

Iran's main exports to Europe so far have been mineral fuels and lubricants and related products. But from the beginning of 2019 until the end of May, Iran was only able to export 1.7 million euros of goods in the above-mentioned category to Europe.

The most important European exports to Iran are mechanical and electrical engineering. They also fell by 70 percent year-on-year to 592 million euros. At 490 million euros, chemical products were the EU's second most important exports to Iran.