Germany, France, and Britain call for supporting the JCPOA – German FM

Germany’s foreign minister Heiko Maas met Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Monday in Tehran to discuss the future of the nuclear deal.

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“We had a serious, frank and rather long discussion,” Zarif told reporters at a joint news conference after talks with Maas.

“Together with Germany and the European Union, we have a common goal: to maintain (the nuclear agreement), put an end to tensions and conflicts in the region and (allow) the Iranian people to economically benefit (from this agreement),” he said.

Maas said earlier the payment system, known as INSTEX, (Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges) will soon be ready to go after months of work.

"This is an instrument of a new kind so it's not straightforward to operationalise it," he said, pointing to the complexity of trying to install a totally new payment system.

"But all the formal requirements are in place now, and so I'm assuming we'll be ready to use it in the foreseeable future," added Mass about the system for barter-based trade with Iran.

INSTEX managing director Per Fischer is in Tehran as well, seeking for solutions for obstacles together with Iranian counterparts.

According to ARD Senior Journalist Natalie Amiri’s twitter, Maas insisted on sticking to the nuclear agreement,” We stand by the JCPOA and we want to implement our obligations from the JCPOA. We will not work miracles. We will do all we can to prevent failure."

Ahead of meeting Zarif, the German foreign minister presented in a roundtable in German embassy resident in Tehran. AHK Iran’s managing director Dagmar von Bohnstein and German companies which were active in Iranian market were in the roundtable, sharing their impressions with Maas.

Regarding the roundtable, Maas acknowledged that the economic benefits Tehran hoped for from the deal were now “more difficult to obtain” but urged Iran to fully respect the agreement.

It is in Iran’s “political and strategic interest to maintain this agreement and the dialogue with Europe”, he said.