German-Iranian trading volume from January to May 2019: 654m €

German-Iranian trade fell by 47 per cent year-on-year

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The German-Iranian trading volume in the first five months of the current year amounted to 654 million euros, which corresponds to a decline of 47 percent compared to the previous year (1,241 million euros).

During this period, German deliveries to Iran fell by 49 percent compared with 2018 to 560 million euros and Iranian deliveries to Germany fell by 43 percent to 94 million euros.

In recent years, Iran's main exports to Germany have been "live animals and food". Compared to the previous year, these exports had to accept a decline of 61 percent (30 million euros). The Iranian government's export ban on vital goods may have contributed to this. This ban is to be lifted in July 2019, so that an increase in exports is to be expected. In return, the export of "live animals and food" from Germany to Iran has increased as the only group.