Aug 27

Sustainability through "green buildings

Seminar about Smart Cities

The seminar will give you a clear and practical overview of the green building behaviour.


  • Wolfgang Neumann | Managing Director, Energie Globale Stiftung GmbH
  • Peter Engert | Chairman of ÖGNI, Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate Management
  • Mohammad Hassan Emami | Chairman of the Green Management Association Iran
  • Dr. Kamran Rezaei | Managing Director, TÜV Nord Iran
  • Adolf Daniel Merl | Speaker ÖGNI Technical Committee (Sustainability Council for Sustainable Building Austria)
  • Therese Florence Daxner | LCA Specialist (Life Cycle Assessment) Hamid Naseri, LEED expert (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Target group: designers, architects and engineers of construction companies, manufacturers of building materials and products

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