Compliance Declaration

July 2019

The "Honourable Businessman" is a concept that stands for responsible behaviour in the economy towards one's own company, society and the environment (across all sexes). Honest businessmen and businesswomen in Iran and Germany have the "Honourable Businessman" as their role model.

With this in mind, the Board of the German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce officially commits itself to the principles of the "Honourable Merchant" by signing the contract. The AHK Iran is accordingly committed to the best of its ability

  • against unfair competition and product and brand piracy
  • against discrimination and exclusion

And is committed to

  • equal opportunities and reconciliation of interests in bilateral trade
  • sustainable, environmentally conscious economic activity and social responsibility
  • preventing and combating corruption, and
  • support commercial mediation and arbitration.

The AHK Iran basically supports all efforts that aim at filling the principles of the "Honorable Merchant" with life!