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Candy Sales to Rise

Iran can export up to $500 million worth of chocolate, biscuits and candy in the next two years if it employs its full capacity in the sector.... mehr


Overseas Assets Top $1b

Central Bank of Iran (CBI) in its latest report on Saturday announced that the country’s overseas assets reached $61.411 billion in the year to March... mehr


Construction Sector Invited to Batimat Fair

Iranian market is very important in the region and assessment about the country’s potentials in the construction sector is higher than those of... mehr


Smart Card Project Costs $70m

Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh said 650 billion rials ($70.2 million) were spent on preparing and running the smart fuel card system. The... mehr


Iran to Build Indonesian Oil Refinery

The Iranian government is planning to build a multimillion-dollar oil refinery in Bojonegara, Serang, Banten, announced Iran’s Ambassador to... mehr


Banks Urged To Prioritize Export

Exporters should be given top priority in extending loans. A senior official criticized the banks for failing to prioritize economically viable... mehr


Iran paid $42.3b energy subsidy in ’06

A Management and Planning Organization (MPO) official said on Wednesday that $42.3 billion worth of subsidy was paid to the energy carriers in last... mehr

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