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Call for Lower Cell phone Import Tariffs

Some 10 million cell phone handsets will be needed for the domestic market in the year to March 2008, an expert predicted. Ebrahim Dorosti told on... mehr


Iran, Pakistan and India agree gas price for transnational pipeline

Iran, Pakistan and India have agreed on a formula for the price of natural gas to be pumped through a pipeline that will link the three countries.... mehr


Iran needs at least $75b of investment annually

The director of the „Iranian Privatization Organization“(IPO) said on Monday that the country is in need of 75 to 80 billion dollars of investment... mehr


Iran distributes 60m liters of gasoline per day

National Iranian Oil Distribution Company (NIODC) official Saeed Ameri said on Monday that 60 million liters of gasoline is distributed to gas... mehr


Iran to limit use of dollar in foreign deals

Director of International Affairs Department of the National Iranian Oil Company announced on Monday that since dollar is losing ground to other... mehr


Irans IT Ranking 64th

Iran ranked 64th out of 100 countries in information technology in 2007. The Economist magazine listed the nations from 1-100 in terms of economic... mehr


Hand woven Persian Carpets Will Get IDs

A plan to issue identification card for handmade Persian rugs would help prevent exporters passing off low-quality hand woven carpets, an expert... mehr

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