Doing business and Discovering Investment Opportunities in Germany

Objective of the visit
This Fact-Finding Delegation enables Iranian Entrepreneurs, Managers and international officer to increase their knowledge in the field of 'Doing business and investment in Germany' in a practical way. The objective of the visit is to prepare Iranian business men and women to enter the German market and learn the how to consider their products for the German market and invest in Germany. Company visits will help to have a better view of Germany as a market.

Target audience
Iranian business people and international officer at big companies. Participants could be about 20 people. Very good command of the English language is a basic requirement for participation in the programme.

The visit will include a visit to north and south Hessen. It includes two workshops on Market entry, marketing management, investment opportunities in Germany, intercultural trainings, and best practices. In Addition, the company visits will give an opportunity to see potential in Hessen/Germany.

The programme will be structured as follows:
1 day visits in North Hessen
1 days visits in South Hessen 
1 cultural program

Location & Date
The seminars will be held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kassel and in Frankfurt in 2017.

In case you are interested in participating, please send us your request!




Niaz Khanafari

Delegation & Event Manager

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Sayeh Solokinejad

Event and Delegation

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Yasmin Vafa

Event und Delegation

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